«Byzantinity»: Byzantine Civilizational Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe (call for papers)


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Kowalsky Program for the Study of Eastern Ukraine

invites submissions for a collection of essays on

Byzantine Civilizational Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe

This collective project will deal with the images, perceptions, and evaluations of the Byzantine civilizational heritage in the present-day countries of the so-called Byzantine circle of influence.

The core of the essay collection will be formed by papers presented at the upcoming roundtable “’Byzantinity’: Images and Evaluations of the Byzantine Civilizational Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe,” which will take place on February 27, 2015 at the M. S. Hrushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies (https://byzantina.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/byzantine_influence_programm/). However, the editorial board welcomes contributions from a wider circle of participants – historians, philosophers, sociologists, culturologists, political scientists, and others.

The collection of essays will be published at the end of 2015.

The editorial board invites contributions on the following subjects:

  • foundations and typological features of the Byzantine civilization
  • worldview-shaping potential of the Byzantine civilizational heritage
  • place and role of the “Byzantine heritage” in the modern identity of the nations within the “Byzantine circle of influence”
  • images of “the Byzantine” in the present-day intellectual and public discourse
  • “Byzantine images” in Ukrainian culture
  • the use of “Byzantine images” in the current Russo-Ukrainian cognitive and information war
  • “Byzantine heritage” in geopolitical contexts from the Middle Ages to the present day
  • «Byzantium after Byzantium”: “Byzantine” cultural codes in the modern world

We accept scholarly articles and essays of no more than 60,000 characters, reviews of no more than 30,000 characters, overviews and annotations of up to 20,000 characters, in English or Ukrainian. Submissions in Russian for subsequent translation into Ukrainian are acceptable.

The Program will bear the editorial and publication expenses. Each author will receive two printed copies of the essay collection free of charge.

Please send materials to:


Andriy Domanovsky: gesta.baudolini@gmail.com (tel.: )

Oleh Faida: oleg_faida@yahoo.com (tel.: )



“Vasylevs: Ukrainian Byzantinology” https://byzantina.wordpress.com

Kowalsky Program for the Study of Eastern Ukraine https://keui.wordpress.com/

Final deadline for submissions – October 15, 2015

Call for papers



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