Second Round-Table Discussion in the Cycle “Byzantium after Byzantium”


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Karazin University held the second round-table discussion in the cycle Byzantium after Byzantium, with the representatives of its School of Law, School of History and School of Philosophy participating. The event took place on the initiative of D. I. Bahalii Center for Ukrainian Studies and Associate Professor Andrii Domanovskyi.

The reporters focused on the cultural impact of the Byzantine state on today’s Ukrainian and world communities. Particularly, much emphasis was on the Byzantine motives in the works of street-artists, such as Fotis Kondaglu, Serhii Radkevych, Simon Siladis, Fikos and Teck, as well as on the relevance of the cultural code of the past for legal entities and individuals, which is reflected in appealing to the title Byzantium as a symbol of the state with a developed law system, and the name of the Emperor Justinian as a pioneer in codifying legal norms. The discussion also tackled the peculiarities of contemporary Byzantium-Ukraine receptions, the differences in the Russian and Ukrainian perceptions of Byzantium image, interpretation of the empire image in today’s information and cultural space.

“The impact of Byzantium on Ukrainian culture and history is hard to exaggerate: eastern Slavs had close relations with the Byzantine civilization, at least since the IX century, resulting in the increased role of this state in the development of Ukrainian history. Taking it all into consideration, Ukrainian studies are hardly possible without Byzantine studies. The heritage of Byzantium is traced in all spheres today, from the way of life to culture, and society, and mentality,” pointed out Mr. Domanovskyi.

The results presented will be part of the publications rleased within the publishing project «Byzantinity»: Byzantine Civilizational Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe organized by Kowalsky Program for the Study of Eastern Ukraine.



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